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Islander Window Cleaning offers a variety of services such as high rise window cleaning, pressure washing (power wash), gutter cleaning, siding cleaning, moss cleaning (algae cleaning) and Snow removal.

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After a cold and rainy winter we normally get left with moss (algae) on our fences or on our concrete. There forth leaving our common areas slippery and our fences full of mos.

We use bio-degradable citrus to get rid-off the moss and we apply 30 sec. to use as a coat to prevent moss from resurfacing to early.
Safety is our main goal. We apply safety on every work at all times as well as performance, quality and satisfaction.

When we work on gutter cleaning we used tide-backs to ensure safety not only for our team but on all those around us. Islander’s Caution signs are place at view of people passing by right next to our ropes and ladders on every individual repelling (drop) or claim we do. When there is a big volume of people passing buy we place a caution tape from sing to sing letting people know of the work being performed by our team above them.

We also offer High-Rise pressure washing of facial walls (power wash) by the way of repelling. This service is generally performed, before the winter time for safety purposes.

Talking about winter, we were blessed by having a nice winter this year. Islander Window Cleaning can take your worries, as well as the snow, away from your drive-ways and common areas. For this service you have to schedule at least 3 months ahead of time. We clean and salted your path-ways and common areas living comfort and safety around your common areas, side-walks and parking or parking ramps.

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